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Thread: First Moon Photo

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    First Moon Photo

    Hello all,

    This is my first go at shooting the moon, I used the kit 55-200mm lens, with f9 and iso 100. Used a tripod of course. I was looking forward to trying again tonight as the moon is now full but of course it now looks like we are going to be having rain. Ah well will have to wait till next time.



    First Moon Photo

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    Re: First Moon Photo

    Moon shots are really fun but good ones can be tough. Getting a good shot of the moon on its own takes a lens with some serious reach. In the absense of that, the moon needs some sort of context, IMHO. The sillouette of trees or interesting backlit clouds are good examples.

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    Re: First Moon Photo

    That shot seems reasonably clear for a 'cheapie lens'. At least cheap when compared with the sort of kit which some people use.

    If you can get an angle with the moon and some other objects it can make for an interesting alternative, as Scott mentioned, particularly when you lack the excessive lenses which are often used for moon photos.

    And as rain approaches you can often get some atmospheric shots of clouds passing in front of the moon, especially if there is a good 'ring' around the moon. This needs a slightly different approach as the speed of clouds has to be taken into account when selecting a shutter speed. The same applies to tree branches in the wind etc.

    It will take a lot of trial and even more error before you get a few correct exposures but the results can really make everything worthwhile.

    I have tried a few recently but they never came out as intended. You need an exact amount of cloud cover for this to work. I got some decent moon shots, but not the effect I desired, although I have managed some successes on the odd previous occasion.

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