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Thread: Vines and a Teasel silhouette

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    Vines and a Teasel silhouette

    A couple of shots from just before New Year's for C&C.

    #1: Vines on a Wall
    I like the colors in this shot, but I do wish the green leaves in the lower right were red/yellow. As is, the isolated green just unbalances the shot. Unfortunately, this is not my wall, nor my plants, so I couldn't trim anything. Any tips on how to bring out more detail in the green leaves in the upper left? Other comments also welcome, as always.
    Vines and a Teasel silhouette

    #2: Teasel Silhouette
    Just experimenting with indoor backlighting. C&C welcome.
    Vines and a Teasel silhouette

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    Re: Vines and a Teasel silhouette

    I like the colors as well. Good thing you didn't try trimming anythng, because that is poison oak.

    As far as the green at the bottom, i think it kind of gives your eye some direction. A shot like this , you need a specific spot to direct your attention, and the isolated green spot gives that. I think you did very well as is.

    If you want to add some pop, try a layer mask using lab mode and adding some saturation. Not alot, just a touch. You can also play around with the light and make a weak vignette to direct the eye where you want.

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    I rather like the contrasting colors between the leaves but to go a step further with Steve's idea, you could also play with the temp of the colors as well with a mask on the green leaves (going a bit warmer) to bring out a bit of the yellows/reds that look like they are just about to start to develop. Still well shot as is though, those colors really pop.

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