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Thread: From Whence We Came

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    From Whence We Came

    Trying a different kind of seascape.

    From Whence We Came

    Darn near monochrome, but not quite.

    Would it be worthwhile to crop out the horizon?
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    Re: From Whence We Came

    Interesting shot Frank...only thing missing is me leaning over the gunnel, repeatedly
    tossing my cookies into the sea...LOL

    My thoughts are that seeing the horizon adds an element of depth to the prop trails,
    so I wouldn't take it out all together. There seems to be a bit of distortion (or curvature)
    to the horizon, but if you could flatten it out and leave just a sliver of it I think that
    would retain the feeling of depth while removing most of the sky.


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    Re: From Whence We Came

    Hi Frank,

    Taking out the horizon makes it almost an abstract, a different picture altogether.

    People can try it;
    F11 (browser fullscreen)
    Click image to Lytebox it
    Scrollwheel click and move mouse towards you fractionally to be able to inch it up until horizon is lost

    I quite like it, certainly better than the barrel distorted one, but if flattened, it may be different.

    That's an interesting 'ship shape' there, slight shame it isn't symetrical.


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