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Thread: sound recording with 5D Mark II

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    sound recording with 5D Mark II

    Some times I am using celvin meter, some times I am taking notes about capture environment for future use.I might forget this informations.I want to speak to the 5D Mark II's mic.and record this informations.Is it possible only voice record without recording movie.?

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    Re: sound recording with 5D Mark II

    I wish that there were a way to record sound alone on my 7D. Obviously, Canon wanted to sell cameras which video does; but, had no desire to produce the best still camera. Some 1D models have voice recording capability and I have an old Olympus P&S which does that also. Voice recording would be a great addition to any professional or semi pro still camera.

    What I do is record information I want to save using the lowest resolution video recording. It does the job but, voice recording would be best.

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