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Thread: PSE-10 Opening?/Closing? problem

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    PSE-10 Opening?/Closing? problem

    I opted to circumvent the stupid welcome screen of PSE-10 by selecting: "Open With Organizer" from the drop down menu at the top right of the PSE-10 Welcome Screen. I am very sorry I did it!

    Yes, the program now opens in the Organizer but, it will not close completely. It leaves some part of PSE-10 still open. I suspect that it is the Welcome Screen the screen still open and hanging there somewhere in my hard drive. The result is that once I close PSE-10, I cannot reopen the program until I do one of the following:

    1. Close down and reopen my computer
    2. Log off and log on again
    3. Access Windows Task Manager and delete the portion of PSE-10 that remains open

    I have to do one of these actions every time I shot down PSE-10 or I cannot open it again

    I have done the following to remedy this situation:

    1. Removed and reinstalled the program (the program resumed opening in the Organizer with the same problem)
    2. Spent over an hour on-line with an Adobe technician to no avail
    3. Worked with my own computer technician to no avail
    4. Searched the Internet for some person posting a similar problem but, found not posts

    This is not a life or death situation. It is relatively easy and quick to log-off/log-on after I close down PSE-10 to ready it for opening again. All the parameters of the program work just fine except reopening after shut-down. However it is a bit of a PITA to have to do this.....

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    Re: PSE-10 Opening?/Closing? problem

    It does that on PSE8 also, which is one of the reasons I have not bothered to upgrade. It seems that every upgrade has a new problem and past problems haven't been resolved. My problem with PSE8 is that I continually get a "cannot save file in use by program" after each editing session. It usually takes about three attempts to save and I worry about losing the work in the event of a program crash.

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    Re: PSE-10 Opening?/Closing? problem

    How about in edit mode, open an image then untick "Welcome" in Window (top row). I find that I no longer get the welcome screen in either the desktop or the taskbar!

    My shortcut is "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 9\PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe"
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