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Thread: Lunar Eclipse - Views through Clouds

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    Lunar Eclipse - Views through Clouds

    Sorry for the imperfect stitching!

    The beginning and the end of the eclipse were totally not visible because of heavy dark clouds.

    Occasionally the clouds would become thin and I could see through. Focusing was very difficult.
    This is my first attempt with a digital camera to shoot a lunar eclipse.

    Lunar Eclipse - Views through Clouds

    When the clouds became transparent I took these images.
    Nikon D5100 and AFS Nikkor 70-300mm f 4.5-5.6.

    Lunar Eclipse - Views through Clouds

    I was keeping the zoom position constantly at 260mm. But I moved it twice while trying to focus
    manually, that changed the image size slightly.

    Lunar Eclipse - Views through Clouds

    Finally it smiled like the Cheshire cat and disappeared!
    A glowing full moon came out of the clouds after the eclipse and much later in the night. Quite disappointed, I was!
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    Re: Lunar Eclipse - Views through Clouds

    Great series, Ramachandran! Have you given any thought to making an animated GIF (similar to Net Fishing) with this series? Nice! Thank you for posting!

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