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Thread: Wall

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    Re: Wall

    Nice B&W - I like that you have people in the image somewhat silhouetted
    It seems that the right side of the image is lacks substance. The cloud, the people, the light in the sky and wall are all on the left. In software you might be able to balance it our a bit. If not... Perhaps a different composition would have been stronger
    Keep shooting and sharing - with or without my suggestions I still like the image

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    Re: Wall

    I do like this image. I like the emptiness of the sky! However, and I don't want to be repetitive here (from another photo of yours I commented on), I'm just not digging the large black space at the bottom. It appears that this may be in an attempt to put the people in the photo on the 'rule of thirds', though in this case I think this rule might should be broken. Have you considered a crop like this?


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