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Thread: flowers

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    dont take care of the double naming because i didnt have time to fix it

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    Re: flowers

    Hey Jeffrey - welcome to CiC! I'm sure you'll find a lot of good tools for learning, and a lot of good people to help you on your way here, I know I have.

    When you're shooting a 'point & shoot' type camera in auto exposure mode, you'll often find a lot of things turn out, well, ok. Unfortunately, auto exposure doesn't do anything to help us with focus, which is what I think you've lost here. If the bright orange/red contrast of the flowers is to be your main subject against the green background, then it's quite soft. It looks like the camera took over (like they have minds of their own!!), and decided to focus on the leaves instead, which leaves (no pun) the viewer at a loss for a subject to focus on.

    This is only my humble advice, I'm sure you'll get a lot more - far better than mine, but making sure that the viewer has a subject to intrigue them is by far one of the most important un-written rules of photography - if there's no focus, there's no point.

    Keep posting, I'd love to see some more images!!

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    Re: flowers

    warm welcome to CiC from me too.

    Andrew is spot on with his comments; the camera has focused on the leaves rather than the flowers themselves. This IMHO means the main subject (the flowers) are not sharp and I'm sorry to say not pleasing to the eye. If you can, give it another go making sure the flowers are in focus. If you then compare the 2 pictures I think you will appreciate the difference.

    Also, I know you didn't have time to correct the 'naming' added to you picture, but think it would be wise to do so before posting in the future, as it is distracting. If you don't mind me saying, if you could live without adding it at all, that would be even better; as it's much to over-powering IMO.

    My comments are not meant to offend, just to try and help you improve, allowing us all to keep learning together.
    Keep posting, so we can see you grow and improve with each picture.
    Again welcome to the 'gang'

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