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Thread: nature

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    Re: nature

    Hi, Two things IMO that let it down slightly (1) The roof of the building jutting into the scene from the right (2) Only small I no but there is a white dot to the left of the rock in the water and it keeps catching my eye.

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    Re: nature

    Anytime there is text, it's the first thing the eye goes to. The only thing I know of that takes attention away from text is something bright red.

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    Re: nature

    Hi Jeffrey,
    That is a beautiful reflection and a very nice setting. It looks like this photo was taken at dusk and therefore there is a lack of contrast and the image appears a little flat.
    Software suggestions:
    Increase the Brightness and make sure that your histogram stretches from Dark to Light.
    Add more contrast and vibrance in the colour.
    use a graduated filter pulled down from the top just over the sky

    Composition suggestions:
    It may improve the image if you could somehow just have the water and that "one" bolder in the foreground. I feel that the rocks on the left and the dock are detracting from the central focal point.
    Make sure to walk to all perspectives and imagine how different lenses would capture the scene and have fun clicking the shutter

    Thanks for sharing your image - Keep shooting and sharing

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