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Thread: One sleeper, two bodies.

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    One sleeper, two bodies.

    The caterpillar, the images of which I had submitted earlier (Acrobatics of a Caterpillar and What a

    Pattern) was eating leaves and growing quite fast. Then suddenly it came down from the upper areas,

    stopped all activity and became motionless.

    After about an hour it slowly started to weave a thin band around a small tender branch of Adathoda

    vasica, attaching itself at the rear end and at the middle rib with a body band. As if exhausted, it

    stopped all activity. I watched it all through the night.

    One sleeper, two bodies.

    To day around ten in the morning it became active again and started to heave like it had difficulty in

    breathing. Then after a while it started to wriggle and drew back its skin towards its rear end. The

    crumpled skin fell off smoothly.

    One sleeper, two bodies.

    And it became a pupa, soft and wet. I think it shrank a little before hardening. Now it waits to

    complete the biological processes. It will come out a beautiful black and yellow butterfly - a birdwing

    - Troides minos.

    I have to be there at the appropriate time to photograph him/her. I am clueless as to when it will

    happen. A week? Two?

    I am sure some people do not like detailed descriptions especially with scientific names. I do that

    because for me photography is not only an art but a tool to learn the world around me too. The pleasure

    of knowledge adds to the pleasure of photography or for that matter any form of art.

    Thank you.
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    Dave Humphries :)

    Re: One sleeper, two bodies.

    Fascinating pictures Ramachandran,

    I can't help with any knowledge I'm afraid

    I hope you're there too.

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    Just add 'MacKenzie'

    Re: One sleeper, two bodies.

    I agree with Dave. I hope you are present to see the conclusion of this amazing transformation.

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