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Thread: Sharpening in ACR vs. CS5.5 PhotoShop

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    Sharpening in ACR vs. CS5.5 PhotoShop

    Sort of new to the whole RAW thing. One of the hundreds of questions that pops up is where do you sharpen? From what I have read, it is the last process after all other editing. But, do you sharpen in ACR and not in PhotoShop? In PhotoShop and not ACR? In both?

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    Re: Sharpening in ACR vs. CS5.5 PhotoShop

    Hi Erik,

    Sharpening "as the last thig you do" is "old school" and not best practice in these "modern times". For best results you'll need at least 3 different types of sharpening, at different times (Capture, Content/Creative, and Output).

    I've written a bit about it here and here if this helps.

    But to answer your question, "I don't sharpen in ACR because it usually requires parameters of 0.3 pixel @ 300% for capture sharpening" (Canon's recommendations), and ACR only goes down to 0.3 pixel. (EDIT by Donald - I think Colin maybe meant "...only goes down to 0.5 ...")
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