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Thread: Guidance for future photo shoot

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    Guidance for future photo shoot


    I have a potential "documentary" photo shoot that I will do at my place of work.
    Though, I am concerned about the lighting and indoor elements.

    I will be taking photos in rooms with near white, glossy acrylic painted walls. Also in the room will be semi-glossy stainless steel. At time there will be water involved! To top it off, the people in the photo may be wearing a forest green or navy blue outfit.

    This sounds like a metering nightmare. I'm thinking that I should treat these shots like wedding photos where there it is high contrast between bride and groom (traditionally).

    In addition, based on previous experience of taking photos in these rooms, the florescent lighting isn't bright enough and I will need to supplement the light. Unfortunately, my options here are limited. I was thinking of attempting to diffuse a construction-type light.

    Thank you in advance for your guidance,


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    Re: Guidance for future photo shoot

    Will you be using a speedlite/flashgun?

    White walls means large softboxes speedlite would be good for this assignment. No direct flash though.

    If there's a speedlite involve, i won't worry too much with metering it. Just put it on ETTL mode on your flash and slow down your shutter speed with high ISO should do the trick.

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