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Thread: Happy Memory's

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    Happy Memory's

    Hi all,
    as I get older I can't stop thinking of my youth; in fact my memory's of my childhood all appear as 'Black & White' visions in my head. On a visit to a historical theme park, I spotted these two gents and could not resist taking the shot. As per usual with all my pictures, your comments are most welcome, good or bad.Happy Memory's

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    Re: Happy Memory's

    I'm left wondering if there should be just a little more in the scene or just a little less?
    As it is I don't see enough of what all is going around the men to interest me, and the men themselves are too small in the frame to draw my interest by themselves.
    The mechanics of the photo are good though and I do like the old school garb with the b&w.
    I hope that makes sense.
    Thanks for posting.

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    Re: Happy Memory's

    I agree with Brian, and since you can't add anything to the image I would crop it. I can see some potential appeal for the image in that both men are dressed very much the same: dark pants, white shirts, medium-toned vests and black derby looking hats. In fact, you would be hard pressed determining if the picture was taken yesterday or 50 years ago, even if it wasn't cropped. But without cropping, you just can't feel the vibes coming from the guys, so I would go for that and then see if anything further might be warranted. Maybe add a touch of contrast?

    I do wonder what they're discussing ... the PM, Harry's latest?

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