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Thread: 'Toy Town'

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    'Toy Town'

    Hi all, took this shot in my home town. As you will see I have used PP to try and give the building a 'toy like' feel.
    I sort of like it, not a process that works on most pictures, but I'm happy with it. Please don't be afraid to post your comments, I'm fully aware I might be 'blinkered'.'Toy Town'

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    I like it.
    I think it's pretty effective. The only thing for me is the brown building with the flat roof in the centre of the pic is a little sharper than the others and does draw my eye away from the subject a bit.

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    Re: 'Toy Town'

    Hi John,

    It is effective, but the engineer in me wants to understand the reason for the blur and there's no obvious reason for the focal plane of sharpness here, but that could just be the topography confusing me.

    I also want everything that should be sharp, to be sharp - you do have a few blocks of blur on the white building which, if you're just obscuring text/grafitti you don't want readable, should cloned over, not blurred.

    Hope that helped,

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