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Thread: recreating that silver gelatin look?

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    recreating that silver gelatin look?

    Hi All,
    I would like to take a couple of pics I took and try to recreate that silver gelatin look as a print. I have an Epson 3880. I have only printed on luster, glossy and metallic rc type paper but I dont know what type of paper to use to get that silver gelatin look.
    The second question is more specific to the 3880 printer. Since I have only use paper w/ an average of 250 gsm I have used the auto feed on the printer. It seems most high quality paper is much heavier. Do I use the hand feed or the straight through feed on the printer?

    Thanks for any help that anybody can give me


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    Re: recreating that silver gelatin look?

    You will need specialized papers, Mike.

    Try Harman Gloss FB AL or Harman Matte depending on your artistic vision:

    You might check these folks out as well:

    Printing on such papers is most expensive. You would do well to learn all you can prior to purchasing and printing.

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