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Thread: Black Butterfly 2

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    Black Butterfly 2

    Black Butterfly 2 Do you think this pic is sharper than the first black butterfly.

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    Re: Black Butterfly 2

    Sorry, Hamon, it isn't. The focus appears to me to be on the flower.

    How are you focusing?

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    Re: Black Butterfly 2

    Hello Harmon.

    Looks to me like the front part of the flower and the butterfly's lower left wing are in the same focal plane, just barely missing getting his face/eye in focus.

    Looks like you had a fast shutter speed going on for this one, so you could possibly sacrifice a bit of that to stop down your aperture a bit for a deeper depth of field. Might try using your AF center point and shoot for his eye instead of manual.

    A lot of times after a shot like this I'll check it on the camera's LCD and zoom it way in to see if what I had hoped to get in focus actually is in focus. Sometimes its still hard for me to tell looking at the back of a camera seeing as I am blind in one eye and can't see too good out of the other! And butterflies have the attention span of a fly when it comes to modeling for us!

    Well, hindsight being 20-20 and all!

    Sure is a beautiful creature, though!

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