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Thread: man on dunes

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    rob marshall

    man on dunes

    Taken at my local beach with the Panasonic G1 and an ND grad filter for the sky.

    man on dunes

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    Re: man on dunes


    I like the shot and the B&W conversion. The intricate mix of tones in the grasses really gives my eyes somewhere to wander within the frame. The dark path does a great job of leading my eyes back to the focal element of the man, but I think it is unfortunate that he is so small in the frame - even the fence dwarfs him! Because of this, I can't really get as much detail about what he is doing there as I would have liked.

    One thought I had was to crop down from the top a bit - to eliminate the first major block of clouds. I think the large swath of plain grey just doesn't do anything for the image. Below that where the clouds are broken is much more interesting, and would be drawn out more that way? If you want to keep the same aspect ratio, I'd take the slice from the right side of the frame. But that's just my opinion...

    Nice work as is though!

    - Bill

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    Re: man on dunes

    As Bill said, nice image as is - I would go along with him on the crop idea though. Just one question, Rob: Did you add any grain or is that just the way the sky was?

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