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Thread: London Eye

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    London Eye

    Please ,comment. Your comments are really appreciated.

    [IMGLondon Eye][/IMG]

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    Re: London Eye

    I think the issue with this one is the question as to whether it's an image of the London Eye or a family-type snap of a person standing in front of the London Eye.

    As a record of a visit to the site, it will have importance for the person who took it, the subject and perhaps other family members.

    But to anyone else it, with respect, means very little.

    To be appealing to a wider photographic and non-photographic community, I think we have to visualise what we think is going to make a strong image, work out how to achieve it ... and then do it.

    The idea of the vignette is good in that it draws attention in towards the centre.

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    Re: London Eye

    To a large extent, I agree with Donald; but this is a well photographed personalised memento of a particular time. And certainly something for the album.

    The only item I would consider changing is a slightly closer crop of the top and left edge, just above the wheel. It might also be worth considering a 4 x 5 ratio crop which would concentrate more on the person than the distant surroundings.

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    Re: London Eye

    London Eye
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