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Thread: Long-Horn Nudibranch

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    Long-Horn Nudibranch

    Ok - so apparently I have been just as busy after my trip as I was before... hopefully things settle down soon, but I figured I would at least share another shot from the trip...

    Long-Horn Nudibranch

    The species is a Long-Horn Nudibranch (Austraeolis catina) - they are pretty small. That shot is uncropped at minimum focusing distance on my 100mm macro lens, so I'd estimate that guy being about 1/2 inch in length. Pretty challenging to spot when you have sharks running into you (yes - we did!).

    C&C welcome and appreciated. Plus you can see more dive photos from the trip on my blog if you're interested.

    Thanks for viewing!

    - Bill

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    Re: Long-Horn Nudibranch

    Wonderful to see, as always. Have also been off to see the blog and many more magnificent images on there.

    Thanks, Bill

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