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Thread: Cardiff Bay Barrage

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    Cardiff Bay Barrage

    Cardiff Bay Barrage

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    Re: Cardiff Bay Barrage

    Hi Joanne,

    I find my eye searching around the image for the point of interest - what it was that you saw that you wanted to photograph and convey to teh viewer. I am not sure if it the sail boats (too dark), their masts (too messy), the sun glistening on the water in the middle ground (the viewer is always drawn to the brightest part of the image and if it is not the centre of interest by design it will be by accident) or the hill at the back on the right. The breakwater at the back is dark, heavy and cuts the image in half.

    I think you have tried to include too much here. I am sure there is a shot at this location, it look wonderful, but I am not sure it is this one. Maybe it is a series of shots that portrays the marina.

    Sorry to be so negative on this occasion.

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