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Thread: The Mystery Mercedes

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    The Mystery Mercedes

    The Mystery Mercedes

    I took this a couple of years ago in Cyprus, although it was a bit of an accident and a bit rushed. The woman who I can only presume owned the car was very confused as to why I was straying into her garden with a camera!

    Any ideas what model it is? Also, as this is my first post, I would love some feedback as to what the more seasoned and experienced of you out there think.

    Thanks a lot.


    Nikon D40, 1/500 sec, ISO-200, Focal Length: 55mm

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    Re: The Mystery Mercedes

    To me it looks like an early sixties model. They had "tail fins".

    There is one here:

    Top row, third from left. Maybe following some of the links will get you closer to an ID.

    By the late sixties, the tail fins were gone:

    Late fifties, fenders and no fins:

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