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Thread: sony dsc h-10 or h-3

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    sony dsc h-10 or h-3

    hi guys
    i have a dsc h-10 cybershot can u share ur knowledge on this cam

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    Re: sony dsc h-10 or h-3

    I see you have no comments.... probably not many of this camera out there...

    Well I have an older H1 that I still use...I love the 12:1 Zoom and F 2.8.....and the camera handles well...I also like the Sony menu system.....

    Your camera has a 10:1 zoom and F 3.5 lens but a Zeiss lens ... in addition the ISO can be set to 3200 .......

    Last week I was testing resolution and took the following picture....

    sony dsc h-10 or h-3

    This was taken Hand held, 1/125, F8, at 432 mm equivalent at 5 megapixel ....and then cropped to about 10% of the image (about 560 by 850 pixels)....

    I think the camera holds up well and I have suggested the later versions several times to people looking for a better camera.....

    Good Luck.....
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