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Thread: WWII Re-enactment

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    WWII Re-enactment

    Had the pleasure of spending two days in the wooded park across the stree from my house and taking images of the PD's hosted WWII re-enactment events. While they did do four depictions of the battle for Aachen Germany 2-21 October 1944, I also tried to focus on the human element over the guns, tanks, jeeps and other vehicles both on the battlefield and spread throughout the camps.

    WWII Re-enactment
    Radio reporting during the battle
    WWII Re-enactment
    Resting in the sunlight in camp
    WWII Re-enactment
    A capture scene at end of the battle
    WWII Re-enactment
    A couple sailors sitting outside the canteen
    WWII Re-enactment
    Rita Hayworth in the canteen
    WWII Re-enactment
    Polish Lancer (and friend) in camp
    WWII Re-enactment
    German soldiers shooting at a plane that was strafing the battlefield
    Ok ok, I did sneak in one of the guns at the end, but I like that I managed to get the flash from the firing in the shot

    C&C always welcome.

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    Re: WWII Re-enactment

    Hi Yvonne,

    An interesting series, here's a few thoughts;
    #1 Good composition, although I did wonder about the 'contradiction' of the flower

    #2 The two timber posts really don't help this, I wonder if the foreground one could be cloned out and the background one dimmed down?

    #3 Good if not for the headless guy in the centre

    #4 These two look like they're about to start a fight

    #5 Not enough context, looks more like a hospital ward than canteen with the props (bad pun intended)

    #6 I liked this one when we saw it before, still good, I didn't notice the dog before though

    #7 Yes well caught muzzle flash there, good action shot

    Well done,

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