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Thread: Where to go and what to shoot in the UK in September

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    Where to go and what to shoot in the UK in September

    I am new to this forum and will be traveling to the UK for three weeks starting midweek, 9/7. Our plan is to spend a few days in London then take the train to Edinburgh and hire a car there. Once in the car we plan to drive west passing through Fort William and spend a night at the Kintail Lodge in Shiel Bridge before heading over the sea to Skye. Said plan is totally fungible after the arrival in London.

    So, I need recommendations from local photography enthusiasts about where to go and what and how to photograph the UK. We want to come back to the US with some fine shots of the heather in bloom, revisit the Eilean Doanan Castle and any other scenic locations not too far off the road for a not exactly athletic 60-something woman.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Where to go and what to shoot in the UK in September


    As I suggested in an earlier post, the west Highlands is 'home' I was born and grew up in and around Fort William.

    One of the things to consider is getting north of Skye (if you haven't been there before). Once you come off Skye, instead of heading straight east back towards Fort William and Inverness, turn left just between Balmacara and Dornie and go over the hill towards Lochcarron. Then you can keep driving up the coast through Kishorn, Sheildag, round by Torridon and on to Ullapool. The mountain scenery in Torridon is spectacular.

    You are, of course, just going that have things turning to Autumn/Fall colours.
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    Re: Where to go and what to shoot in the UK in September

    Whilst in London, get off the main tourist trail, there is a multitude of things to photograph and I wouldnt miss out Richmond Park/Hampton Court Palace. (SW London) A huge deer park and accessible by tube and train.

    Of course it all depends on what you want to photograph....Epping Forest (NE London) turns golden, but you probably a bit early in the year for that, needs another month, although the trees are already turning.

    I love going to parts of London - off the tourist trail - as the characters and buildings hold so much more of the true London than the famous places, (try Wapping and around the Thames for instance, or Smithfield) but if you are heading for Skye, I know what my choice would train to Kings Cross and catch the first train northwards from Kings Cross after touchdown at Heathrow. No competition.

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    Re: Where to go and what to shoot in the UK in September

    I slept in Richmond Park station car park once; I was a truck driver and when I got up I found 30 in pound coins tossed just about everywhere. Paid for breakfast

    Get yourself an Oyster card with travel card, and save some money. The buses are quite good in London.

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