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Thread: Some older shots

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    Some older shots

    These are a bit older. As of late everything I shoot is garbage, kinda lost my mojo I guess. I have data on these photos.

    Some older shots
    40d, f5, 1/50 sec., iso 200, 50mm

    Some older shots
    40d, f4.5, 1/160 sec., iso200, 200mm.

    Some older shots
    40d, f5, 1/50sec. iso 320, 150mm.

    Comments welcome

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    Re: Some older shots

    Hi Will, I don't think I have seen you post before - that's not surprising since I am an intermittent participant on the forum myself!
    The first one I really like. Have you applied sharpening to it? The second one - the Out Of Focus lower right is distracting to me, though I REALLY like the rest of it. The third one, the composition is good, though I think parts of the flowers are over exposed?
    Generally good stuff that I certainly couldn't do any better. Just my thoughts

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