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Thread: Etherial

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    Going more for the artsy shot than the scientific shot.


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    Re: Etherial

    Jack - A question.

    Did you crop anything at the top?

    You've got the top of the wing hard against the top edge. This may have been a deliberate choice on your part, in which case that's fine. But I wonder how it would be if there were just a small bit of space between the wing and the edge of the image?

    But, that aside, you've have produced, I think, a very nice image that has a nice balance and harmony in the colours and tones. There is nothing 'jarring' in the image, which makes it one of those that's pleasant just to gaze upon.

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    Re: Etherial

    Yes I like this one too: 2 pretty fluffy things held in balance as you said Donald. Not an easy capture.


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    Re: Etherial

    No, I didn't crop the top, that is the extent of the image. I did think about cropping the left tighter.
    Thanks for your input, and compliments.

    Thank you too for your thoughts.

    Cheers to you both

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