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Thread: Uploading using Elements

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    Uploading using Elements

    I normally upload to my pc from my Nikon camera using Photoshop Elements rather than uploading using one of the many Windows photo programmes. However, even if the pictures are upright in Elements (using the camera features or by turning them at or after upload) they will still be unchanged in Windows eg My Pictures/Windows7. It is therefore necessary for me to turn them in My Pictures since this affects all other Windows programmes.

    If you do the rotation in Organizer, the orientation is written into the file's metadata, but the actual pixels are not shifted around ... Organizer uses that metadata to orient the photo, but Windows Explored does not, which is why the thumbnail in Explorer remains unchanged.

    You can turn imported pics in the Elements Editor but this is rather long winded.

    You can also first import into 'My Pictures', turn them and then search for them in Elements.

    Any ideas anyone as to 'the best method' to use for importing and turning.

    And as a side issue ... do any CiC members use PSE9 with Windows Live Mail 2011 to send pictures by email direct using the PSE9 email attachment features. Adobe say it is works but I have not found any users who can get it to function. I presently use PSE8 but am thinking of upgrading ... maybe I should wait for PSE10 and Premier10.
    After a lot of searching I came across this ...
    I installed the registry link and hey presto Windows Live Mail 2011/Windows7/64bit now allows PSE to send email attachments. Hope that this is of some use to others.
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