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Thread: Very nice

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    Very nice

    Are you hungry ?

    Very nice

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    Re: Very nice

    Hi Brigitte,

    I appreciate this may have been a quick pic to show us your home baking, but could I suggest 3 things to improve it, as much for the benefit of others, as yourself.


    I'll be very cheeky and take that silence as a yes

    i) As it is lit from behind mainly, something white propped up just out of shot, camera right, in the foreground would have reflected a little more light onto this nearside of the cake

    ii) Including the front edge of the plate would give a more complete picture

    iii) Crop off the table edge and other minor distractions on left, top and right sides - or do that at shooting with framing for ii) above

    I hope you don't mind me picking on your picture to make these examples.

    I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks, whenever I have tried this (I have given up now), it always got stuck in the tin and had to be dug out with a knife, leaving gouge marks down the sides

    Enjoy the cake,

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    Re: Very nice

    ... and ... for a "final touch", consider cutting a couple of slices and laying them next to the cake on the plate (or I could eat them, which-ever helps)

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    Re: Very nice

    Dear Colin and Dave!

    Thanks very much for your suggestions, they are always welcome.
    I will try some other shots with your consultation.
    This one was only a snap-shot nothing special.
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