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Thread: Bob, the Desert Tortoise

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    Bob, the Desert Tortoise

    Bob is a resident at a local park and is usually rather shy, but the docents at the park were featuring reptiles today, so they brought him out of his pen for some photo ops. I know this first image is poor, but I don't get many chances to practice motion-blur tortoise shots. Anyway, I thought I would put it up here for a laugh.

    Bob, the Desert Tortoise

    In addition to lightning speed, Bob is also ruggedly handsome... just look at that jawline!
    C&C is welcome and appreciated, as always.

    Bob, the Desert Tortoise

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    Re: Bob, the Desert Tortoise

    LOL, Al. I always thought that, if I had a totem, it would be the tortoise, but Bob's breed looks too speedy for me. Love the detail and the colour on the second.

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