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Thread: Oh My Dog - bad Fuji Frontier printer experience

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    Oh My Dog - bad Fuji Frontier printer experience

    Over the past 12 months or so I have been keeping a photographic record of the relationship between my Brother-in-Law and his Thai fiancée, as required by immigration regarding their forthcoming marriage. We pruned the shots down to about 60 that covered it pretty well.

    Now, not boasting too much, I can knock out a fairly good print on my Canon MP980, but cost being a consideration we decided to run them through the Fuji printers at a local 22c/6x4 chain store, so I transferred the shots to file and put them on a CD. Do we have a "spew" smiley here? They will suffice for immigration but for any thing else I would have torn them up and printed them myself. They were bloody disgusting, never again.

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    Re: Oh My Dog.

    Ah - you probably received the "free enhancement service".

    That's why I print all my own stuff these days!

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