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Thread: Problems with SB600 flash with D700

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    Problems with SB600 flash with D700

    Hello All,

    I hope this is the correct place for this post.

    I'm having problems with straight TTL on camera flash with the D700 SB600 combination. I've used this combo in the past and not had a problem, but haven't used it for nearly a year.

    Now when I mount the flash in the camera hot shoe and take a normal ttl mode picture I'm getting huge overexposure. It's not like it's even close to a good exposure. I would guess something like 2 stops overexposed.

    I've reset the camera using the qual and +/- key reset function and I'm still have this issue.

    Using the little pop up flash the exposure is near spot on, but of course this isn't the solution I'm looking for.

    Any ideas what's going on? Have I flipped a setting somewhere?



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    Re: Problems with SB600 flash with D700

    Have you tried resetting the flash unit? And maybe the exposure compensation on the flash needs to be reset.

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    Re: Problems with SB600 flash with D700

    Yes the first thing that I did was to reset the camera qual and +- buttons, and resetting the flash wit the mode and on button. I've check for any flash exposure compensation on the camera and the flash, nothing is there.

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    Re: Problems with SB600 flash with D700

    Warning: I'm a Canon shooter, so I have no experience with Nikon gear, other than an old SB-26.

    But. What's the flash's exposure compensation set to?
    Are you using the flash as the main source of illumination? Or as fill?
    Which TTL mode are you using? (TTL-BL?)
    And what metering mode are you using?

    Remember that TTL is using metering to set the flash power. And just as regular ambient metering can be thrown off just by the scene, TTL can be thrown off by the scene.

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