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    Thank you all: I am a new member here and I am very hopeful for the help rekan2 to me, I live in Indonesia, how to buy camera equipment outside of my country ...... thank you.

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    Re: suggestion

    Hello and welcome to CiC.

    Are you able to purchase goods online and have them sent to you. If so, then companies such as US-based B & H or Adorama, or UK-based Warehouse Express would be able to help.

    I think most folk on here would always recommend that you deal with reputable companies such as those above, as opposed to others who are not so scrupulous.

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    Re: suggestion

    Amen to Donald...

    Please be wary of U.S. companies who advertise gear at exceptionally low prices (usually B&H or Adorama will have the lowest legitimate prices). Unfortunately there are many dishonest companies that advertise on the Internet.

    Some companies have restrictions as to which countries they will ship their products. I would recommend that you contact Adorama or B&H by email and ask them if they will ship to Indonesia. Then, I would suggest checking with your Customs to learn about any duties or restrictions that Indonesia places on the importation of photo gear.

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