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Thread: The Rays

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    The Rays

    Ray of Light
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    Quote Originally Posted by arunava2 View Post
    Ray of Light
    Hello, arunava, and a very warm welcome to CiC! This is super that you've jumped right in and posted these photos for comment - just exactly what you should do! However, I see that no one has commented, yet. There are two things that might help. One, if you take a look HERE you will find help for posting images at the larger size (you've gotten this far - congratulations!) It's hard to really comment on your images when they're at this size. (or, maybe, a mod will come along and save you and just wave their magic wand and make them better.)

    Also, if you go up to the top right corner of this page, you'll see that you can edit your settings to include your first name - we're a friendly bunch around here.

    Anyhoo, inspite of all this - I'm excited to see your images more clearly and for you to receive some helpful insight - it looks like these capture quite a beautiful moment!!!

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