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Thread: Three More Student Pieces

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    Three More Student Pieces

    Taking Donald's advice, I am posting one piece at a time for Isabella in hopes of getting more concentrated criticism for her. Soon, she will be able to post and edit on her own, but for now, very limited access to a computer.

    The fun thing about these images is that I cannot teach teach someone to "see." I can teach solid compositional skill sets, but that "I wonder if..." modality, that comes from somewhere deep within. Realizing these are from a 17 year old student who's never shot a digital camera until starting the last week in June, I think there is hope...lots of it. Whoohoo.

    Garden Baubble
    Three More Student Pieces
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    Re: Three More Student Pieces

    Wow, number 2 and 4 blew me away! Well done

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