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Thread: In reply from a PM from Squidgy (Nigel) NEC PA231W

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    In reply from a PM from Squidgy (Nigel) NEC PA231W

    Hi, Squidgy asked me to give my opinion on the NEC PA231W, as I am a novice I thought a better review would be here
    However and this is OMO before I even opened the box the first thing to hit me compaired to my other LG monitor was the weight it is quite heavy but in saying that it is also built to last, the stand is bulky and holds the monotor still, the screen colour OOTB was a lot darker than the calibrated LG,tilt from Landscape to portrait is smooth and easy except not a lot of space between the monitor and the stand as you rotate downwards (watch the fingers). It is what it is a monitor for photography at the cheaper end of the scale but a lot better than the monitor you buy out of the store at under 200 or $200.
    I have not had a chance to calibrate it with the spider 3 Elite as I work so not a lot of spare time but as I stated above there are people a lot more in the no about these kind of things.
    To finish off I would say if you shop around and can find one under 500/$500 you will get VFM.

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    Re: In reply from a PM from Squidgy (Nigel) NEC PA231W

    Very helpful Russ, thanks. I think my piggy bank will be getting raided very soon! I would be interested to hear how you go on with the Spyder 3 elite when calibrating the monitor as I use one too. Thanks again for the info.


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