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Thread: Megan Rose

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    Megan Rose

    Megan Rose
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    Re: Megan Rose

    Hi Joanne, surely this should be titled "oooh"?

    Your username certainly conjours an image of "mother never without camera always taking pictures and not always welcomed by the subjects" - is that you?

    On to the picture;
    If mine, I'd be tempted to trim another 4 - 5% off left hand edge and just tone down the background a bit, other than that, a very nice picture.

    Well done,

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    Re: Megan Rose

    Hi, Joanne! What a precious baby - is she yours? What a great catchlight you got there and a priceless expression, for sure. My oldest (now 13) used to make that 'ooooo' face, when he was a bitty baby and open his eyes wide and, well, sometimes it spelled doom for what I would be doing for the next five to ten minutes but it was so funny and cute!

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