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Thread: A question about large size photo prints

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    A question about large size photo prints

    Recently I got some people wanted to buy large photo prints from me. The two largest prints are: one 113cm X 170cm in canvas print, and one 100cm X 220cm in high quality photographic paper print.

    I contacted one professional printing lab with good reputation here. They asked me to provide tiff or psd files of these photos (I always store my image original in psd format).

    My question is: should I resize the image in Photoshop to the printed size? And how many resolutions I should set in Photoshop? I asked the lab staff this question, but they said I just gave them tiff or psd files, and they will do the rest. I still like to get a general idea about this.

    Before, I sold some relatively small prints of my photos, that I just printed from jpg files and the effect looked good. But I don't have an experience for large prints like these two.

    Hope someone here can help me this.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: A question about large size photo prints

    It looks like they plan to do a little editing of your photograph before printing. Did you specify to the lab that you don't want any changes made?

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