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Thread: Required Focal Length Calculator

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    Required Focal Length Calculator


    Who could help me out?

    At there is a tool Focal Length calculator, but I'm not sure if I use this tool in the correct way.

    I use a full frame camera, (canon, 5d MarkII) and I want to us my 1.2 85mm lens. so I use the 35 mm setting in the tool, I guess this is correct?

    To find out to photograph a model in a 360 panoramic view (36 shots from which 13 the model will be in) I want to use my camera in portrait (not landscape) direction. I need lets say 2.1 meters space in width to frame my model, the question is what distance do I need? So when I use this tool it says 5 meters, when I put my camera on the panoramic tripod, it seems I need 6.3 meters, so what i'm doing wrong? I put the camera at 1 meter height, so it is almost centered to the middle of the model, I guess when I go higher or lower, I need more distance.


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    Re: Required Focal Length Calculator

    Hi Leo;

    If your putting a 35mm film lens on a full frame digital - it's a good marriage, no conversions, all else - ya-gota-do-the-math.

    I really don't understand your dissertation, sorry


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