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Thread: Spirit of Callanais

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    Spirit of Callanais

    Spirit of Callanais

    I was waiting for the sunrise and kinda hoping it would be like this... but, it wasn't

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    Re: Spirit of Callanais

    Mick, I think it's a location where you've got to be prepared to spend a lot of time over a number of successive days to catch 'the shot'. Either that, or strike it lucky and just be there at the right time.

    I've spent a lot of time on Orkney, but haven't been there since I started getting serious about photography again. I just know that the next time I'm there, there are going to be a lot of very early mornings and late nights standing around stones that someone, around 5000 years ago, decided to stick in the ground ... for whatever reason (the archeological/historical debate goes on, I think).

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    Re: Spirit of Callanais

    Thanks Donald

    Talking to a few of the "regulars" these stones at Callanais were, they think, a moon thing.

    T'was my first time on the Hebrides, I enjoyed it... but, too few trees for me. Liked Harris tho'... A magical Atlantic realm.

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