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Thread: Has anyone used Digimark

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    Has anyone used Digimark

    I must admit that I have been very cavalier about the security of my images. Not my personal security, I have them stored on more than one hard drive and on back up disks. I also have many of my favorites stored on

    However, I have not been very careful about unauthorized use of my images except that my smugmug galleries of model images are unlisted. While none of the images are X-rated or even R-rated; despite model releases, I have a responsibility not to let an unauthorized user get ahold of an image of any of my models.

    I don't like visual watermarks because they IMO usually spoil the image. Is the ownership information placed on an image by Photoshop sufficient or have some of you used a security service like Digimark...

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    Re: Has anyone used Digimark

    Most of my work is not Watermarked / Digimarc, because it is soooooooo easy to get around. But it will, perhaps keep a honest man honest...


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