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Thread: Hitchcock's birds

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    rob marshall

    Hitchcock's birds

    Vicious, totally vicious...

    "A what! A Panasonic G1! Listen, son, I ate a Canon 1DS (with L lens) last week..."
    Hitchcock's birds

    "Rob, I haven't forgotten you, mate. I'm just sorting out the wife first."
    Hitchcock's birds

    "Feed the children? Bugger that!"
    Hitchcock's birds

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    David Morton

    Re: Hitchcock's birds

    I like them, particularly No.2, not that I condone henpecking, in any form .

    On the same subject, I always thought there was a bit of implied menace in this one.

    Hitchcock's birds
    Birds, Longreach by Davidmorton2009, on Flickr

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    rob marshall

    Re: Hitchcock's birds

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidM View Post
    Hitchcock's birds
    Yes, I always find that very creepy when I see it myself.

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    Re: Hitchcock's birds

    That's because, seagulls, pigeons, chickens.... most medium to large birds, in general - you just never know when they're going to figure out how to channel their inner dinosaur but you can see that it's there - just beneath the surface. Just look at Rob's photos - their feathers look so soft and fuhluhffy but their eyes....

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