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Thread: clouds

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    Clouds? Okay, so you reckon seen one cloud you've seen 'em all! Well, I just happened to like the range of colours and swirling patterns of this lot. I found the complexity of the inter weaving wisps intriguing. ****
    Probably most will find this 'so what boring.' Us cloud nerds are sadly misunderstood and often an embarrassment to our loved ones. Can we help it if we are above the mundane? We are used to frequently being accused of "having our heads up in the clouds."

    **** So Katy, see what happens when I don't take the tablets!

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    Re: clouds

    Hi Ken, I have taken a number of clouds pictures because I like the shape, colors, or textures but I'm never sure what to do with them afterward! Unless the shape looks like Mickey Mouse's head or something recognizable, I get the feeling that the clouds are crying out for a subject.

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