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Thread: Paeony

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    Last one for this evening. Yesterday I had figured out how to add a border in elements - tonight not a hope ! Grrrr...!

    Anyway - comments invited.



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    Re: Paeony

    Hi, Jonathan! I think that it would have helped if you had shot this in better light. The soft light that you get when it's slightly cloudy or morning or evening - you just can't beat that. Here, I see lots of bright and lots of shadow and it's detracting from what you want me to look at. Also, it's not tack sharp and I would recommend using a tripod (which is, admittedly, sometimes a 'road of tears' but SO helpful, in the end) or working on your exposure triangle and finding strategies to reduce your camera shake. (Sean has a good tutorial on that, HERE.)

    This is a nice idea, though! The petals of the peony look like ribbons.

    I've been "new" to photography for just about a year, now, and I so love it, too. Just keep going!

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