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Thread: Our New Rescue Doodle Puppy

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    Our New Rescue Doodle Puppy

    Zoe is a 10-week old doodle puppy. We don't know if she is a Labradoodle or a Goldendoodle because she was dumped at about two weeks old, starving along with her siblings, at the Hesperia, California Animal Shelter. The siblings did not survive but, an animal care worker brought Zoe home cared for her and nursed her to health. We are now fostering Zoe along with Sophie Grace, the Labradoodle
    ( SOPHIE - The Aussie Doodle )
    for the Doodle Rescue Collective, Inc. Zoe is a darling girl and will make someone a great companion.

    Our New Rescue Doodle Puppy

    She is available for adoption at:

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    Re: Our New Rescue Doodle Puppy

    Richard, nice job with your exposure here as white pups can be tough. Very cute little pup.

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