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Thread: Exiting Storm

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    Exiting Storm

    Took this a few weeks ago down at the beach as a storm was passing through.

    Exiting Storm

    I merged 9 exposures in Photomatix. The landscape was rather bland, so I used the sky to fill 2/3 of the frame.

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    Re: Exiting Storm

    Hi Paul, the sky is very interesting but without a single obvious focal point, I don't sense a 'subject' other than the pier.

    I think I would have tried two things; first, I would try to include something for the eye to be drawn to such as a bird or boat (or the pier) and second, I would try to get the camera as close to the level of the water as possible.

    Because the water is calm and you have a number of interesting rocks on the beach, getting the lens as close to the shoreline (as in inches) as possible should allow you, with multiple exposures, to get a sharp closeup view of what is just below the surface of the water as well as what is in the distance. If you have PS, you can then use Edit/Auto-Align Layers and Edit/Auto-Blend Layers with Seamless Tones and Colors to get both the shore and the horizon in focus.

    Hope this helps!

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