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Thread: some of my photos

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    some of my photos

    I re-posting some photos please give me some help of what info I should include and how to improve my photos

    Thank You
    Shawn O

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    rob marshall

    Re: some of my photos


    Your shots are not showing. Do you need this? HELP THREAD: How can I post images here?

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    Re: some of my photos

    Shawn. If you are asking for help/advice about your photos, include as much information as possible. Camera and lens model; shooting settings (shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc). Also any other relevant information about unavoidable problems at the scene (unable to shoot from other angles etc). Tripod or handheld.

    Also outline any processing work that you have done to the image.

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    Re: some of my photos

    Hi Shawn,

    I can see a couple of shots in an album, if they are the ones, please do add the images in line in the post (Rob's link says how).

    As Geoff says, it helps a lot to know how they were shot.


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