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Thread: Cherry Blossoms

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    Cherry Blossoms

    My Cherry Tree is in full bloom. C&C welcome.

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    Re: Cherry Blossoms

    Hi Chris, you have included a number of positive elements in this shot; angle of the stem, three lovely balanced subjects, a triangle of blossoms, bright white flowers against an almost black background, excellent depth of field, almost everything that matters is there.

    Abount the only thing I can think of would be to hold the two partial blossoms lower to get them out of the frame and darkening the two blossoms that are behind the three in the front to reduce the distraction. That would leave the three white subjects, some supporting green leaves and a bit of stem, and the dark background.

    An excellent photo that my eyes enjoy exploring! Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Cherry Blossoms

    Truthfully, after a couple of weeks of trying to capture apple/cherry/pear blossoms, I have many like this but they didn't hold mustard for me, personally. I hope that you don't mind me saying this. Like Frank said above - there are an awful lot of good things technically correct with your photo but aren't we trying to come up with something fresh and "new" and stand out with our photos? The light, here, is a bit too harsh and, hence, the busy shadows. Could you try shooting when it's hazy, cloudy, earlier morning or evening? Also, the background is a bit disjointed and busy. It would be better if you could position yourself so that there was just a wash of one color behind - i.e. all black or all green, etc. Also, it's a tiny bit blurry and.....that's how pretty much most of my shots came out. sigh. Now, the season is so quickly over and I'm tapping my foot waiting for it to be next year so that I can try again! Good luck to you, too!

    btw, HERE's one of mine, which shows what I mean about bokeh but if you just scroll down a couple of more posts, you'll see Wendy's shot, which is beautifully clear with the stamens.
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