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Thread: LR3-to-CS5: Transformations reversed

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    LR3-to-CS5: Transformations reversed

    Here's something a little bizarre.

    In LR3, I first rotated an image CCW using the Rotate Left (CCW) command in the Photo menu, then flipped the image vertically using the the Flip Vertical command from the Photo menu. The results were exactly what I expected, but...

    I then opened the file in PS CS5, and the image was "backwards", that is, it is oriented as if the transformations in LR had been done in reverse order: vertical flip, then CCW rotation. All other operations and adjustments I made in LR are correctly represented in PS, but the image orientation is just wrong. Has anyone else seen this? I haven't done any further experimenting, and it's easy enough to recover, but it's just... strange. Somebody at Adobe flunked linear algebra?

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    Re: LR3-to-CS5: Transformations reversed

    I think you just discovered one of the easter eggs in LR 3. Hahaha! Same thing happened to me here. For me it's not a big deal, I'll just rotate is twice CCW inside Photoshop and all is well.

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