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Thread: Fuji film HS20 v S4000 (sensors)

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    Fuji film HS20 v S4000 (sensors)

    Am looking at buying the Fuji S4000 or the HS20 as a back up and the zoom (air shows) Now I notice that the HS20 has a CMOS sensor and the S4000 a CCD sensor.

    Now a little bit of research if has come up with a leaning toward the S4000 with CCD sensor as it seems like it is more stable plus of course the price difference (the pixel count is a much of a muchness).

    So can some kind soul point me in the right direction as I've read several articles but as always they all seem to have their preferences and the sensor section here although first class really didn't give me the decision I need to make.

    Plus I would hazard an assumption that a few of the forum members have experiences with these two different types of sensors / cameras themselves and I would be most appreciative for any advice.

    In anticipation

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    Re: Fuji film HS20 v S4000 (sensors)

    I wouldn't worry about the CMOS/CCD bit the important difference is the EXR.

    The EXR chip is completely different and offers outstanding performance when it comes to colour, noise and dynamic range - - it will blow the basic senor in the S4000 away.

    The other important feature of the HS20 is its phase detect auto focus (like a DSLR has) which is the fastest I have ever experienced on any digital compact - when I say fastest what I actually mean is FASTEST!!!

    I would urge you to go try one in your local camera store it is amazing.

    After that it comes down to feel and handling, I prefer the manual zoom on the HS range and the fact that it has a conventional filter thread.

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