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Thread: Intuos4 and Elements 9 - Non Functional

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    Intuos4 and Elements 9 - Non Functional


    Does anyone use these 2 items together successfully? I had some trouble with the tablet on Windows7 64 bit, but solved it by upgrading the driver to the latest version. The intuos4 works with the Nikon software and some other applications I have, but the cursor becomes unresponsive with either the pen or the wacom mouse as soon as I start Elements.

    I have found little that is of much use in my searches so far, but I did find a recent reference to problems with the Qt interface used in Elements. Digikam for Windows (also a Qt based interface) exhibits the same behavior which seems to support the theory. I see some discussion regarding work arounds that involve tablet configuration, but I keep hitting dead ends.

    Thanks for any suggestions or pointers to useful resources/links.


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    Have a guess :)

    Re: Intuos4 and Elements 9 - Non Functional

    Hi Steve,

    Sounds like one of those situations where you need to get them on the phone.

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    Re: Intuos4 and Elements 9 - Non Functional

    I sold my PSE 9 and went back to PSE 8.
    I have a MAC and the D7000.

    If you go to the Adobe PSE forum, there is plenty of issues that Adobe is having with PSE 9.

    Good luck with getting a direct response from Adobe.

    I went and got Aperture for the RAW and use the PSE 8 for manipulations of the photo.

    I have use PSE for years and always upgraded, the MAC version was always issued later and separately.
    This time they issued both versions in the same box.
    Hopefully PSE 10 will be better.

    Good Luck,

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